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Skarsvåg - The Northernmost Fishing Village In The World

Skarsvåg is a beautiful fishing village only 14 km from the North Cape. It is the northernmost fishing village in the world. The rebuilding of Skarsvåg after WWII included only one type of residential houses. Some of these houses are still standing. The colourful houses in Skarsvåg are the result of people expressing their own independence. A custom persisting to this day.

Finnish version soon - June 28th, 2011

For many decades, Skarsvåg was very important for the typical North Cape tourist. It was the port of call for the cruise ships and the base camp for the final ascent to the famous plateau. Influenced by tourism, the people tended their little gardens and Skarsvåg has some presentable gardens despite the sub-arctic climate. The new road from Honningsvåg to North Cape in 1956 changed the role of Skarsvåg.

The culture is shaped by the wild nature and the people have through times learned how to survive in this cold environment. One of the four most important fishing fields in the world has been the livelihood of the community for centuries. The local fishermen are still catching cod, coalfish, halibut, and red fish from their small fishing boats. Some of the catch may even end up as fish’n’chips in the UK?

Today, Skarsvåg is a good starting point for sightseeing the area. You can pay the North Cape plateau, the Christmas house, and the birds in Gjesvær a visit. For recreation purposes, you can hike to Knivskjelodden/Kirkeporten, and even do some fishing.

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