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Skarsvåg – The World's Most Northern Fishermen Village

Skarsvåg is the last residential settlement and overnight accommodation before the North Cape. It provides various campsites and tourist hotels.

Skarsvåg is a characteristic fishing village with idyllic harbor including numerous fishing and leisure boats. The local fishing company, fishermen service facilities and Skarsvåg tourist center can also be found in the harbor. Taking a walk on the piers surrounding the harbor is most popular. The same applies to hiking tours along the docksides where you will usually find little schools of fish in the sea.

Many tourists and children try their luck as anglers along the dockside and piers. Skarsvåg is the “green” spot on Magerøya, directed towards the south with grass-covered hills and well-kept estates.

Ever since tourist traveling to the North Cape has begun, Skarsvåg was heavily involved with any kind of respective activities. Transport, guiding, servicing, kiosk, souvenir production etc. are some of the services the Skarsvåg people have been providing.



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