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About us

Radio listeners in Norway often hear during the winter that the road to North Cape is closed. Since 1987, the founder of Nordkapp Turisthotell, Mr. Bjørnar Pettersen, has been working the winter roads on Magerøya. And, in particular, he has worked the final part to North Cape.

All roads are open for traffic in the winter, but they can be closed in periods with bad weather.

Most of the roads on the island are built for all-year traffic. You can see this as the roads are substantially elevated from the rest of the terrain. This way the wind will help clear the snow from the road.

Some roads, however, have not been upgraded and there are some loose shoulders and steep hills. In addition, guardrails are missing at some parts.

Mr. Pettersen established Nordkapp Turisthotell in 1986 and Nordkapp Caravan & Camping in 1998/2003.

He was a local politician in the municipality of Nordkapp for 25 years. He served one period as the major.

For eight years he was a building constructor and assembled a number of residential houses, and larger buildings. The control tower, service-building and garage at Honningsvåg airport, Valan, was also built by Mr. Pettersen’s company.

The family business welcomes you to Skarsvåg and North Cape, and hope you will have a nice stay.



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