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    Nordkapp Caravan & Camping, N‐9763 Skarsvåg, Tel (+47) 45 22 19 42 / (+47) 906 60 769 Fax (+47) 78 47 52 10 E-mail bjp3012@gmail.com


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Nordkapp Caravan & Camping

Being in only 13 kilometers distance to the plateau and 2 kilometers from Skarsvåg, North Cape Caravan Camp (NCC) is closest to the North Cape.

NCC provides a service building with front desk, shower and restrooms for ladies and men, and a small kitchen. There are 10 modern lodges with shower/WC and kitchen. The lodges provide 4 comfortable beds.

Parking is available right at the entrance. There is a detached barbecue hut for 15/ 20 people. Pitches for caravans and campsite are on lawn.

The campsite provides a direct view onto North Cape plateau and midnight sun.

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